Reflecting on the first day…

Today I started my three week prac for EDC3100 and somehow I’m already exhausted even though I didn’t actually ‘teach’ today. It was an odd day to start as it was not only the first day back after holidays, but the class had sport, art and library – all lessons undertaken outside the usual classroom and with specialist teachers. Tomorrow too will be a bit of a crazy day as the preppies go to swimming classes in the morning for the first time. I have been asked if I’d like to get in the pool with the students and suggested I may be more comfortable spotting from dry land, but also said I’d bring my swimmers in case they needed more adults in the pool for supervision.

I don’t want to be too quick to judge but thus far ICT was used only once in the classroom, and unfortunately the technology decided not to cooperate so other plans were made. My mentor seemed confident that we’d be able to have a good chat tomorrow some time so that I can start planning and implementing a few lessons. In the meantime, I’ve given myself the task of both trying to remember names, and work out how they are pronounced! No Mary Jane or Bob’s in this class!

On a personal note; I was a bit sad to leave my baby girl this morning as I went off to school without her, and I was quick to get home just as soon as I could to see her…..she was asleep! Not sure if she missed me at all???



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